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Mirages at Sea

23 abstract Seascape are in the exhibition "Mirages at Sea" The fine art prints are available for sale in various sizes and a wide price range. 

Facing the Sea
Block Island sound-.jpg

The existential experience of being alone on the sea is the theme of each of  these seascapes.  

This collection is currently only available via
Archipelago NY

Prints form the images in the book "Archipelago New York". The project emerged after sailing for several years into the island world of New York, starting in 2011. 

Fluxuspics exclusively offers the photoghraphic work by Thomas Halaczinsky at this time. 

All prints are individually created. They are printed on fine art paper and sold unframed. 

Sizes and choice of paper can be individually determined,  please contact me with any questions you might have.

Depending on the image and size, production times may vary.