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Latest Releases

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Three-part documentary series "Archipelago New York" for European Network ZDF/Arte, premiering in December 2021 on European Television and distributed worldwide by Albatros films.  The films are an exposé about the relationship between nature and an urban environment of an island city like New York on the backdrop of climate change and rising sea levels.

3 x 53 minutes -( short version of 43minutes ) / German - English - French 2021

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Don't call it Heimweh

59 minutes documentary, 2004 including "Late  Return" (edited as an epilog to "Don't call it Heimweh", 2010 is currently only available in Germany. 

Angekommen - Margot Friedländer, Berlin

43 minutes documentary, German, 2021


"Arrived" is the third film documenting Margot Friedländers journey throughout the last 20 years.  It aired on German TV on October 24, 2021. It is presently dubbed into English, Spanish and Arabic and will be broadcast worldwide in January 2022. 

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