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Mirages at Sea

The line between water and sky is orientation and hold for any sailor alone on the water. Light and reflection distorts this existential line and creates “Mirages at Sea”.  Sailor, filmmaker und photographer Thomas Halaczinsky paints seascapes with the camera using the boats motion.  Since 2012 he has been exploring the island world York in a modern day expedition by sailboat.  His photographic and literary logbook “Archipelago New York” was published 2018 by Schiffer Books, USA. “Mirages at Sea” was created between 2018 and 2020.   To the exhibition

Archipelago New York - Original Series

Facing the Sea


The idea for the book "Archipelago New York" emerged after sailing for several years into the island world of New York, starting in 2011. 

The images also capture the fascination of the sea from land, imagery the sea gazers Melville talks about might have shared. .

The series received an honorable mention at the Tokyo International Foto Award, 2017.

The existential experience of being alone on the sea is the theme of each of  these seascapes.  The pictures were shot from a sailboat during several expeditions into the vast island world of New York. The journeys of more than 3000 nautical miles were documented in the photographic and literary logbook “Archipelago New York”  published by Schiffer Books in May 2018.  “Facing the sea” is a collection of fine art photographs that compliment the documentary images in the book.  Each image is a meditation about life and sense of place. The series was a nominee for the 5th Fine Arts Photography Award, 2019

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"Facing the Sea" in ten rooms at the Aqua Beach Hotel - Aquebogue, NY

Located on the shore of the Long Island Sound the Aqua Beach Hotel in Aquebogue was the perfect location to decorate ten rooms with the maritime inspired  award-winning images of "Facing the Sea."

"Archipelago New York" the photographic logbook of a three thousand miles journey by sailboat into the island world of New York also is available for the guest.

Large format seascapes set the tone of theses rooms. I am working with gallerists and interior designers on finding the perfect fit for new commercial projects such as corporate offices, medical offices hotels and resorts. 

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